What are the Biggest Mistakes Made by Hotel Managers

A hotel manager is a great choice if you are looking for a job that offers a variety of tasks. It is overwhelming to think of all the details that go into managing a hotel. Every decision is an opportunity to improve or weaken the entire operation. You must be able change direction quickly and solve problems fast to become a successful hotelier.

For example, take resource management. There is increasing pressure on hotels to reduce their carbon footprint as the price of electricity keeps rising. Experiential managers are well aware of the many ways they can save resources, including voltage optimization, water conservation measures LED lighting, high efficiency appliances, solar panels, and high-efficiency appliances. The hotel’s profit margin will be smaller if none of these solutions is explored or exploited.

Another costly oversight is housekeeping. Look at Google and TripAdvisor. You will be surprised at how many negative reviews focus on issues related to housekeeping. A hotel’s reputation online can be damaged by one guest complaining that the room was not clean enough. Although we could provide more statistics about the causes of negative reviews, it is clear that lack of cleanliness is the most prevalent. This can be avoided by clear direction, careful oversight and regular inspections.

How about advertising truth? Another mistake that can land hotel managers in serious trouble is the one about truth in advertising. Although it sounds easy, you should be aware of the hotel’s promotional photos and where they are located online. Also, make sure they match your current fittings. These things can be lost during busy years at busy hotels. OTA listings can be confusing due to upload procedures or short cuts taken by hotel managers. They often have inaccurate photos for different room types. Negative guest experiences can lead to a loss of reputation.

This is another area where many mistakes are made. People can clash and priorities may be forgotten. Managers can lose sight of the fact that if staff are motivated and happy, the guest experience is enhanced. Managers have a higher experience.

This is not an easy task. To build trust with employees, it takes skilled and compassionate leadership. This gives the hotel a solid foundation. If the leadership skills are lacking, not only the staff but also the guests will pay the price.

We could continue to list all the mistakes hoteliers make – and there are many! But what is the most common?

One of the most common mistakes in 2018 is not realizing how many options travelers have. If we are aware, then it is just as bad not to act on it. The hospitality industry has become more transparent and competitive. It is no longer possible to say “this product is mine and you will love it”. New properties are popping up around Australia and the globe, from apartments that are privately managed to boutique hotels built from warehouses. The technology continues to make a huge impact on hotel design. Managerial styles are changing to be more inclusive. Management styles are evolving to reflect what executives and managers think people want. Travellers have options and are open to making their own choices.

Managers of hotels shouldn’t feel pressured to make sudden or hasty changes just because one guest suggests it. But they should be aware how things are changing. Certain aspects of hotel management are essential. It is essential to build a strong team, maintain high standards in the housekeeping department, provide what employees need, save resources and use truth in advertising. These areas are critical to performance.

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