How to make your hotel a work destination

It is not a new concept to travel for work. The plot twist to the business trip is the result of the pandemic. Many people are now able to work remotely from anywhere with internet access. This has led to thousands of people combining work and travel, searching for new experiences. Your hotel may have coffee and work desks in every room. But is that enough to draw probationers? To inspire you, we gathered ideas from hotels all over the globe. You’ll soon see workaholics flocking to your hotel using our marketing tips.

Worker Trends

There are two types: workstations that start with a business purpose (such as a meeting, conference, or sales trip) and then incorporate or extend into vacations (also known as leisure travel). Or trips were taken by digital nomads who can work from anywhere (workation travel). Due to remote work, the latter category has seen an exponential increase in popularity.

Expedia’s leisure travel survey revealed a 40% increase in leisure trip bookings in the United States between 2016-2018. This number has increased by leaps and bounds in recent years. Remote workers can come from all business sectors, including manufacturing, sales, education and healthcare. However, technology is the most represented industry.

Where are the probationers heading? Although it may seem obvious to choose vacation hotspots such as tourist capitals and tropical areas, 88% of all leisure travel within the United States is domestic. The average American workday lasts just over six days. Fifty-nine percent of it is for business, while 41 percent is for leisure.

What does all this mean? Workstations are on the rise. While domestic travel is preferred for business reasons, the digital nomad population is increasing. It’s worth capturing this demographic as they stay for almost a week. Marketing initiatives and amenities for hotels must balance business and leisure priorities.

In-room Must-haves for Workationers

Workers will appreciate the support provided by room amenities. It’s not hard to find spacious, comfortable workstations and ergonomic chairs. We can’t stress enough how important wireless charging stations are to most technology workers. Smart rooms can be customized to the specifications of this demographic using their mobile devices. This includes lighting, temperature, ambient music, and sound.

You can also win guests with work by providing high-quality pillows, linens and mattresses, luxurious towels and plenty of coffee and tea. Your room is more than just a place for the night. They must feel refreshed and rested to get on with their work.

This is a great way to encourage extended stays if your hotel has suites or kitchenettes. It’s not necessary. You want your guests to enjoy the comforts of home, so make sure you offer room service and other nearby amenities.

Hotel Amenities Workationers Expect

Business guests will appreciate the standard hotel amenities, such as room service, dry cleaning, and printer service. Your hotel’s amenities should be placed to appeal to work-related guests. If you have a coffee shop on-site, make sure that ready-made meals are readily available for breakfast or lunch. How can you make your hotel stand out among the rest? These are some of the most innovative ideas that we have seen to attract more workers to your hotel.

  • Daycare/holiday kid club allows single parents and families to have a fun work-life balance while keeping their kids busy during the workday. The Bluefields Villas are Jamaica has taken it to the next level with their dedicated staff that includes a professional babysitter!
  • Dog daycare and pet walking service: while it is difficult to leave Fido at home, leaving him at a hotel for the day is not fair. The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge employees love dogs so much that the majority of them participate in the dog-sitting or walking program.
  • Lobby dog for those who are often on the road. Dogs that people can carry around. Please allow them to walk with your hotel dog and hang out together. Inn by the Sea, Maine, offers a wonderful program that allows foster dogs to greet visitors. If there is a match, the dog will be taken home.
  • A co-working area within your hotel. Remote workers love to network with other digital nomads, while others need someone to help them focus. The Hotel Schani Wien, Austria, has individual workstations and shared areas for new connections. This partnership may be the best option if you don’t have enough space.
  • Flexible space available for hire: host business meetings, zoom calls or deep work.
  • Networking cocktail Hour: invite business people to a happy hour where they can meet other businesspeople.
  • Hosting business talks: attracts locals and guests to attend talks on general business topics such as teamwork or stress management in the workplace.


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