How Influencers can help your bottom line

Do you remember being complimented by others? What about being complimented and praised by another person? How do the experiences compare? No. Both are equally valuable.

We all know that happy customers are the best ambassadors for your hotel. Hospitality professionals learned that creating a memorable experience for each guest is a key element in ensuring a positive online review. Because every interaction and detail matters, this understanding is growing deeper.

Is it accurate to state that all guests have an equal impact on the hotel’s reputation? Philosophically, it is true that all guests should be treated equally. But we must also take into account the realities of social networking. There are influencers on every channel, regardless of whether they are recognized or not. It is only natural that influencers are sought after to be brand ambassadors, as social media is the main channel for hotel brand awareness in 21st-century.

Did you know that Instagram has over one billion active users and a higher engagement rate than Facebook? Many Instagram stars have huge followings. You don’t need a marketing degree in order to see how these people can be valuable allies in strengthening or building a brand.

How can a hotel get involved, whether it’s a large chain or a small boutique? How can you engage Instagram users, increase brand awareness and attract more bookings? Don’t forget to look for influencers and respond to those who reach out directly.

This article will focus on the active approach. The next one will discuss how to respond to influencers approaching you, and how to make sure it’s mutually beneficial.

Now, let’s get back to active approaches. You can start by simply reaching out to influencers with a proposal. You can search for popular hashtags or directories to find big Instagram accounts. The platform’s direct messaging feature makes it easy to reach out privately. In exchange for Instagram posts, you can receive a free or discounted hotel stay or financial compensation. Starwood Hotels & Resorts has formed partnerships with five Instagram users who have agreed to share photos during a complimentary stay at Paris. To facilitate bookings through Instagram posts, they even provided tiny URLs. This is a classic example of “you scratch me back, I’ll scratch yous.”

How can you be sure your back is being properly scratched? Although informal agreements can be viable in some cases, if you are offering real compensation to an Instagram star, media agencies (e.g. Laundry Service is a London-based service that facilitates such deals and ensures each party receives what they desire.

Social media users who are powerful have been making a lot of money for years. Because Instagram allows hotels to engage in the virtual world, it is an exceptional opportunity. A visual story or image that is spontaneous and personal will be more valuable on Instagram (and possibly in general) than any blatant promotion. It is important to use subtle strategies. One that highlights the best aspects of your hotel in an easy-to-understand way. For example, smart captions can be added to your photos with handwritten captions. Seek out other hotels’ experiences on what is working. Take the best tips and make your own. There are also guides for Instagram marketing to hotels.

Do you really need to be a part of the party? You don’t need to be a social media expert or post on Instagram every day to receive positive or negative feedback. A well-placed piece or artisan coffee can have profound effects ….just as silly mistakes or uninformed amenities. Instagram offers guests the chance to be happy or disappointed. Hoteliers shouldn’t make promises they can’t keep.

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